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'Barry was among the first to make fight scenes plot and character-driven. "Barry teaches motivation," says [a student], "It's not just fist to face and sword to leg. There needs to be a reason for everything that you do."

When Barry crafts a fight, he is like a painter, creating images that will evoke emotional responses in the audience. His knowledge of the audience and their emotional triggers come both from intuition and decades of experience.

An artist knows instinctively how to draw his pictures to evoke an emotional response.'

- interview conducted by Kristin A. Lee


"[Sympathetic Magic is] Lanford Wilson's best play yet. He shies away from nothing, giving you even one of the most complicated and terrifying fights ever, chillingly staged by that master B.H. Barry."

- John Simon, New York Magazine


"There were a couple of people - B.H. Barry, Paddy Crean...I have great respect for B.H. - I think, in a way, he was the first to specialize in that area."

- Bill Hobbs, on the development of theatrical stage combat


Whether you're interested in the development—and future—of fight directing for the theatre, or are simply curious to simply find out more about it, we're pleased you've found us.